A saintly affair

I spent the entire week working from home and taking care of Mary while she battled a case of what the doc called “early pneumonia”. After three days of antibiotics and little or no coughing, we decided to take Mary to our parish Halloween event. A friend of ours made a Mother Teresa of Calcutta costume for Mary, which hid Mary’s devilish red hair.

Mary as Mother TeresaWe arrived at the church with a little angel full of excitement, but when we entered the so-called Monster Mash, her excitement turned to terror at the room full of witches, skeletons, and a plethora of other scary costumes.

After running around aimlessly for two minutes, Mary decided it was all too much and bolted for the door, her eyes red and face pale from fright.  Once we escaped the clutches of the evil monsters, the giggles and smiles returned to our little girl.

Mary ran up and down the concrete walkway waving to every stranger who crossed her path.  One man commented, “What a cute little fella”, apparently mistaking our little nun for Yasser Arafat.  She hastened across the schoolyard to a marble statue of Jesus.  Mikki asked, “Mary who is that?  Can you say ‘Jesus'”?  “Jee-saah”, Mary exclaimed.  Then Mikki asked, “Mary, can you give Jesus a kiss?”  To which Mary gladly replied:

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