Crunch time

The medical equipment finally arrived, and the nice equipment guy came to our house to teach us how to use the oxygen and feeding systems. Except he didn’t.

Our plan is to drive tomorrow to a bigger city with a bigger airport and a direct flight, then fly out first thing Thursday morning. That plan is in danger because the feeding bags received today did not fit the pump provided, so the nice man had to order another set of bags for overnight shipping so he could bring them and train us before our travel. After a week’s worth of “it’ll be ready tomorrow”, I’m rather pessimistic that the bags will arrive in time for us to leave, thus delaying our travel yet another day and reducing the likelihood of Mikki and Luke being home for Thanksgiving.

The video below illustrates perfectly the feeling inside when the equipment man told us the bags didn’t match the machine. (You may be asking “Why don’t you just wait to fix the feeding machine until Matt returns.” Once the papers are signed on Friday, Luke is our responsibility which means he’s on our medical insurance, our doctor bills, our medical equipment, so we have to provide his feeding tube system.)

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