The Big Day

Mikki and I are in the air, halfway through our flight to pick up Luke.

The past 36 hours have been flooded with chaos, and my emotions are spent, so I’ll not bore you with the details. Basically, many urgent issues arose which needed completion before booking our flight.  [5:30pm – Wednesday]

By the time our ducks were in a row, my blood sugar experienced a sharp decline, so we headed to dinner at Ming’s.  [6:30pm – Wednesday].

Finally finished with dinner, Mikki and I hurried home to pack the remainder of our clothes and Luke’s feeding tube system into our suitcases.  Mary clung to me all day as if she sensed our impending departure.  My FIL decided to bathe Mary before we left, hoping it would calm her and help her sleep, but the contrary occurred.  Bathing Mary sounded more like bathing a velociraptor than a toddler, and ended abruptly.  Soon after her bath, Mary toddled into our bedroom repeating “Ah-BAH, ah-BAH”, to indicate that she was ready for her bedtime bottle.

Our hope that the bottle would lull her to sleep quickly shattered at the sound of Mary’s crying.  With the truck finally packed, I approached Mary and gently ordered her to get back in her bed, which she did with great excitement as if proclaiming, “Daddy is here”.  She sprang into bed where Mikki and I kissed her goodnight and goodbye and said our last tearful prayers before fetching Luke.  After we left the room, Mary returned to her protest at the gated doorway to her bedroom.  “This isn’t going to end well”, I said to Mikki.

I collected myself and returned to Mary’s room.  “Go get in your bed”, I said gently.  Again, Mary bounced onto her tiny mattress.  Daddy was here again.  I rubbed her little back and covered her with her blanket.  Mary finally drifted off to peaceful sleep.  I kissed her one dozen last times and walked out, closing the door behind me.  There was no protest.  It was 7:45pm.

Finally out the door at 8pm, Mikki and I began our four hour drive to Dallas for our early morning flight.  A family friend offered to host us for the very short night, and we arrived at the stroke of midnight.  My last thought for the night was, “Heavenly Father, please multiply my sleep, bring me peace and preserve my health”.  It certainly didn’t hurt my cause that comfort of the guest bed and down comforter rivaled that of being wrapped in a cotton candy cloud.

Four-thirty arrived far too early, but the excitement of events to come effectively overpowered my fatigue.

Having grown up in the Dallas area, I so dearly missed 635 near DFW’s north entry that I decided to take a 30 minute out-of-the-way tour, for old time’s sake.  We finally arrived at the airport, checked our luggage, and queued for the TSA screening which resembles more of a group juggling act and Chinese fire drill than it does a viable method of safety.  Thank God we both decided to wear non-laced shoes.  (For the sake of prolonging the chaotic spirit of the previous day, I suggested we trade one shoe so we each wore one cowboy boot and one Ugg.  Mikki declined.)

In two hours, Mikki and I will meet our son for the first time.  For the past six months, I have seen Luke only in pictures, and have followed his life and development through emails and phone conversations.  That life is over.  Beginning today, I will be able to hold my little boy, hug him, watch him grow, and love and encourage him.

From this day forward, he is my son, and I his father.

4 thoughts on “The Big Day

  1. Tears filled my eyes as I read this blog. We are friends with Mandy and have a daughter Sarah who is four and has PWS. You both are an inspiration to those all who have PWS children of their own. PWS children have their problems but God gives grace were its needed and they are aLl blessings in our lives. You will have your trails but we are always here for support and love. Call if you need anything.

    I can’t wait to meet you all and baby Luke.

    Vee Baker
    Mom to Sarah PWS-deletion 4 years
    Houston, Texas

  2. I have a 10-year-old daughter with PWS and am facebook friends with Mandy. I was so excited to hear that Lucas finally has a forever home. I have been praying for him for over a year now. So nice to know my prayers have been answered. God bless you all.

    Janis Tull Williams
    Mom to Audrianna
    Lawton, OK

  3. Congratulations! My heart is so happy for both Luke and the rest of the family. Adoption is something I am passionate about, and I have an 8 yr old daughter with PWS!! You guys are in Tx… So please connect with our group. Find me on FB!! Lots of love and support in our PWS family!

  4. Congratulations!!! I am sitting her crying happy tears filled with joy over a little boy I have never met but touched so many hearts so deeply. Luke you have found your forever family and they have found you..enjoy each other everyday!

    Dee Dee (Mom to 5 year old Jett who also has PWS)

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