The First Time

It has arrived.

A woman involved in the adoption picked Mikki and I up from the airport, and drove us directly to meet Luke at the foster parents’ house.

Words can’t express the joy in our hearts, but this video will try.

11 thoughts on “The First Time

  1. Beautiful! Just beautiful! I was tearing up as I watched the video. Adoption is such a wonderful thing. It reminded me when we first saw James! Thank you for sharing this joyous event! I can’t wait to meet this little miracle.

  2. Matt, Mikki, & Mary, congratulations on taking home your sweet son Luke. :) We have 3 boys, one of whom also has PWS. His name is Dean and he is such a special angel. Best to you all as you navigate the next few days, weeks, months… When and if you are ready, there is a very loving and supportive PWS community out there on Facebook and elsewhere. We have been following Luke’s story since the beginning and you all are part of the extended PWS family.

    I also have a blog at It’s mostly about our lives with the boys and PWS.

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