Mamma’s Boy?

Matt is leaving to head back home while I wait for interstate clearance. You’ll notice that there are ALOT of pics of Matt and Luke. Or at least more than Luke and me. I’ve been very good at letting Matt have his time sice he had to leave sooner. I think however that in that time, Luke has become a daddy’s boy. Now I’ll have the time to see if I can sway his attention to Momma! Let the fun begin!

I will miss Matt though very much while he’s gone. He really has learned Luke’s care quickly. I have too but Matt just seems to be more confident with some things. I still haven’t given Luke his hormone shot yet. Matt’s done it twice already and acts
like he’s been doing it for years. Tomorrow night it’ll be all my turn.

Today was a great day. We went to Mass for the first time with Luke. I had some very proud mamma moments and a few times just got overwhelmed with joy at everything God has done for us. Not only am I so thankful for my precious son but ALL of those who have had a hand in his life, care, and development. The more Luke’s story has been revealed to Matt and I the more we are beginning to realize just how many people have been touched by Luke. I am eternally grateful to those who came before me for bringing Luke to where he is today. My heart is full of joy and thanksgiving.

1 thought on “Mamma’s Boy?

  1. He will turn into a Momma’s boy!! There is just something about a Mom and son like their is something about a Dad and daughter. Luke is a special little boy who is going to be a part of a very special family. As I sat in mass this morning with Mary sitting between PoPo and me and thought about how God has blessed us my heart was so full of love and joy! I prayed for all those who have put a child up or adoption and foster families because of people lke them we have been blessed with Mary & Luke. God bless them all!

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