It’s been 4 days since Matt left for home. I have missed him but it’s been really great spending some one-on-one time with Luke. He ate from his bottle really well with Matt but it’s still a little slower for me. I have only been able to get him to eat maybe an ounce or two by bottle at each feeding. But I’m making progress. Yester day it was about an ounce then an ounce and a ah,f and then today 2 ounces….so we’re getting there!

One of the things I was most concerned about doing were his hormone shots. The first night Luke’s foster mom put her hands over mine and guided me as I did the first shot. The next night she was there to support and coach me. And last night I gave his shot all by myself! I feel like such a grown up!

Funny story: yesterday I was feeding Luke sweet potatoes (he loves them!) and the first time he accidentally made a motor boat noise nd the food he had in his mouth came flying out. I died laughing and he then did the same. We exchanged a series of long jolly laughs. Then feeding time was pretty much shot because now he was spitting out all his food! It quickly became a game! That has been one of my favorite moments him with him thus far!

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I am first and foremost a beloved daughter of God! I am a wife, mother of three, Catholic high school theology teacher, and lover of all things dealing with coffee! I'm just trying my best to satisfy the thirst of our Lord by loving Him the best I can.

4 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  1. I am so proud of you for giving Luke his shot. Good girl!!! I knew you could do it. Love the Sweet potatoes story. What wonderful moments you two are having already!! There will be a life full of those special moments. We love you so much and can’t wait for you and Luke to be home with Matt and Mary.

  2. My husband and I adopted our son, Ethan, with PWS as well. This was cute to read, because he used to eat WAY better for my husband than for me when he was a baby, How old is Luke?

  3. Oh, Mikki, we really miss you and can’t wait to meet Luke. In the meantime, we’ve been spending lots of time with Mary, dear precious little girl! My Heartlifts messages for the last week have all been on Surrender, Abandonment, Trust in God….so hang in there and know He is guiding
    So glad Lindsay is there this weekend with you and Luke. We love you…
    Love, L’Anne

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