Tuesday Morning

First things first.  Good morning everyone!  It’s raining in Louisiana which is a very welcome change from the summer-long drought.  I welcome the coll precipitation with open arms!

Last night I took Mary to the doc to see if her spider bite became infected.  By that point, her penny-sized blister had burst at daycare which inspired a call to let me know Mary couldn’t stay without a doctor’s note stating that she would not become a zombie and infect the class.  The doc says she’s infectious.  For the sake of your appetites, I won’t detail what the doctor did, but he says she’s infectious, so I’ll be watching for the telltale signs (low groaning, pale skin, and desire to eat human flesh).  She’ll be on antibiotics for 10 days and I’ll need to change her bandage and put topical ointment on her wound until it heals.

Day 2 of daddy and Mary at home together.

Today is the last day to receive clearance so Mikki can return before Thanksgiving.  Here’s my plea:

Here’s a Dr. Seuss inspired poem about my breakfast:

I don’t like you with my eggs
I don’t like you on two legs
You can’t be fixed with a cast iron skillet
You can’t be fixed even if you will it
It doesn’t matter what you’re makin’
I’ll never like you, turkey bacon

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