Why we wait

Today brought many emotions, most of them less than happy.  My mom asked, “is it worth it?”  Of course the answer is a resounding, “YES!”  I went back and watched the videos and was quickly reminded why our family continues to endure this agonizing process.

Our family will be geographically separated, but we are all thankful for the same wonderful blessings.

2 thoughts on “Why we wait

  1. I know your hearts are heavy with your family being apart for Thanksgiving. Hard isn’t it!! We know how you feel but also know that no matter where your family is in location they are always with you in spirit and in your heart!! Hold on this to will pass and your family will be reunited all in God’s time. We love you all and you all are in our hearts & prayers. We love you all so much!!
    Now to Mary and the spider bite!! Sing Itsy Bitsy Spider to her while you doctor and change her bandage she likes that song and she likes I’m a little tea pot but you have to act it out when you sing it. Give her a great big hug & kiss from us we miss her!!

  2. Hi, I am so glad I get to see updates on Luke! I feel so connected to this little guy for a few reasons. One being that my son has PWS. We live in Houma, La. Where do yall live? I thought I saw something about Louisiana…that would just be too cool!! :) So glad Luke has found his parents and I hope yall get to all be together real soon!
    Maegan Richard

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