Home Sweet Home!

After two and a half long weeks, Mikki and Luke returned home to stay. Instead of driving and meeting halfway, then driving all the way back, Mikki, Luke, and I stayed overnight at the luxurious Memphis Downtown Marriott.  Then today we finished the drive and arrived home at 3pm.

Mary stayed overnight with my parents, and they arrived at our house shortly after we did.  Mary didn’t know how to process her emotions.  Her face kinda scrunched and she looked conflicted, but she clung/clinged/clang to Mikki for several minutes.

Mary acted jealously toward Luke, and even got a little rough with him.  She showed a little affection, but her emotional state overwhelmed her, and she wasn’t able to control herself.

So, a couple of hours after arriving home, we donned our “stupid caps” and decided to venture out to Lowes for a little storage crate and rug shopping.  Both kids were exhausted, cranky, and generally sick of everyone, which made the trip fun with a capital…

Anyway, I am the official last man standing for the night, and now I must go.

Good night and thanks for the prayers.  Maybe we’ll take pictures soon.

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