Quick update

Luke had his first appointment with the pediatrician today. The Doc said he doesn’t need his oxygen anymore during the daytime, but should still use it at night.  Yay!

However, I am puzzled by the logistical application. Luke has tendergrips on his face, and removing them is an act of torture. The cannula won’t stay on without the tendergrips, so it seems they are necessary. So what are we supposed to do? It seems the only solution to take him off the oxygen during the day still requires the cannula attached to his face.

Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Honestly… if he still needs it at night, I would leave them on. Those things are a *pain* to get off and reapply… especially if you’re doing it every day. On a side note, baby oil does help to get them off when it is time – so maybe when it is time to switch them, take it off in the morning so his face gets a day to heal a little before you put them back on for bedtime.

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