Mary got it first, then Luke, now me. The dreaded head cold. Humidifiers for everyone! Mary’s is a frog, Luke’s a penguin, mine a white cube. It makes Mary tired earlier, and slightly fussy. Luke fights drinking from his bottle, but so far no coughing, though I’m sure that’ll come soon. My cold is manageable. Thank God that my work includes sitting in a comfy office chair at a computer all day.

I received a call from the director of local school/daycare who informed me that a spot opened for Luke. The school enrollment consists of 50% children with special needs and 50% typically developing children. Their enrollment philosophy builds a sense of charity and understanding in the typically developing kids they may not otherwise experience. In return, the children with special needs are encouraged and motivated by their typically developing classmates.

Throughout this adoption process, many complications arose which could have ended our pursuit, but every complication quickly dissipated through God’s providence. I told Mikki today that we have no reason to worry about anything. God has always provided and will continue to provide, so we must cast aside our worries and put our trust in him.

1 thought on “Bites

  1. Sorry ya’ll have colds. Take care of yourselves plenty of rest & liquids. Love you all so much. The daycare for Luke sounds great. God does have a plan. Luke was meant to be a part of your family. There will be hurdles to jump but God will get you over them.

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