Paging Dr….

For the past two weeks, every member of our family has battled colds. Mary succumbed first, but has achieved nearly a full recovery. I was second, then Luke, then Mikki, but the three of us have not recovered.

Today, Luke slept nearly the entire day, and when he awoke early this evening, he let out a cry which prompted us to take his temperature. 104.

Luke’s condition includes very weak swallowing muscles which react more slowly than in a typical person. This decreased reaction time makes him more susceptible to aspirating thin liquids. The combination of week-long cough and high fever spurred a trip to the ER.

The short version is that after less than two hours, a flu test, and a chest x-ray, the doctor decided Luke had neither the flu nor pneumonia. Diagnosis? Bronchitis and ear infection to be treated with antibiotics.

As a side note, I brought Luke’s entire medical history on a jump drive for quick access. The doctor decided he didn’t need to see it, so I explained Prader-Willi Syndrome in a 30 second elevator speech. A couple minutes later, the doctor asked, “has he been pulling on his ears?” I responded politely, “He doesn’t know he has ears, and if he did, he wouldn’t have the strength to pull on them. So, no. He hasn’t been pulling on his ears.” The doctor said nothing.

The doc said it was fine to continue with our travel plans for Christmas, that the antibiotics would help Luke feel better quickly and help rid his body of any infection.

1 thought on “Paging Dr….

  1. Gotta love explaining PWS to doctors. Try to explain to them when he *doesn’t* have a fever and has every other symptom of an infection that sometimes kids with his syndrome just don’t have fevers and are still really sick. You’ll usually get, “Well, since there’s no fever, I don’t think we need to treat it right now.” Umm, did you hear what I just said?

    And btw, none of my kids tug on their ears when they have an ear infection. They tug on them plenty of other times, though! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!

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