A quick note about feeding pumps

Our Enteralite Infinity feeding pump by Moog (formerly a maker of fine synthesizers) went on the fritz. For several weeks, adjusting, poking, prodding, duct-taping, etc. took an average 30-45 minutes per feeding to ensure the bag and pump were properly aligned and calibrated to allow the feeding system to work as designed.

I finally called our med-tech company rep and complained. He brought over a pump called “Kangaroo Joey” and every feeding since has worked like clockwork. Pour the formula in the bag, thread tub through pump, hook tube to Luke, press start. Every time.

If you’re having problems with your enteralite infinity, I strongly suggest switching over to the Kangaroo Joey.

2 thoughts on “A quick note about feeding pumps

  1. We had a Kangaroo…. I’m sure it was an “old school” version of the Kangaroo Joey…. the only problem with it was the people operating it…..LOL! Glad you guys aren’t still having to fight the pump at every feeding :)

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