Quick update

What a busy two days!

Luke’s hair is more of a mane, a curly bushy experience with a tendency of knotting itself on the back of his head. I’ve pleaded with Mikki for weeks to cut it, but she insisted “not before everyone’s seen it”.

Finally, Monday night, Mikki let me cut Luke’s hair. I’d share pictures, but they’re on Mikki’s iPad because I sorta kinda left the digi-cam on the bumper of the truck, never to be seen again. (It’s not all bad. Our 7 year old 5mp point-and-shoot will soon be replaced by a 12mp+ Digital SLR.) We didn’t lose any good pictures because I dumped them onto my computer earlier that afternoon.

The weekend was beautiful. Saturday was a cool and sunny 65 degrees followed by a sunny 70 on Sunday. The kids played in the yard until the sun set. A good time was had by all.


2 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Can’t wait to see the taming of the mane!!!! Sorry about your camera but glad ya’ll get to upgrade!!! I know Luke & Mary had a great weekend being able to be outside.

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