I promise I will stop cheating

I know, I know. This is an adoption blog, but looks more like our family’s version of a National Geographic photo gallery (don’t I think a lot of myself). I feel like I’ve been cheating by posting only pics for the last week. A new camera will do that to you.

Here’s a recap from the past week.

Mary has nuclear diaper rash as a result to the side effect of her antibiotics. Mikki called the doc who recommended we try Triple Paste (the healing cream) and Aquaphor (human waterproofing material). 18 hours later, Mary is doing much better.

Ever since our return home from our Christmas trip, Mary has become a challenge. She’s fussy half the night, doesn’t go back to sleep on her own, has separation anxiety. Last night we may have made a breakthrough.

Two weeks ago, we gave Mary a bath, which she usually loves. She hated it the next night and every night since. Last night we decided to do a quick bath with Mary AND Luke and they had a blast. We realized the last bath Mary enjoyed was her bath with Luke.

Shortly after the bath, we dressed Mary and Luke in their pjs, and I left to play video games at my brother’s house. Mikki recruited Mary to help put Luke down for the night. They covered him with his blanket, tucked him in, and Mary kissed him on the forehead. Mikki walked Mary to her bed, and she hopped right in, not fussing a bit.

The sweetness of our daughter brings such joy to my heart. I have no worries that she’ll be a magnificent big sister and advocate for her little brother.

2 thoughts on “I promise I will stop cheating

  1. Those antibiotics will do that. Poor baby. Let her run around without diaper on when you can. That will be fun!!! She is a wonderful big sister. Her & Luke are good for each other. We miss them so bad!!!

  2. Looks like Mary and Luke are getting along great. The Lord could not put those children in better hands than Matt’s and Mikki’s!

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