An urgent non-emergency

Luke’s daycare called just after lunch. It seems the little guy had a 100.3 fever and was crying “hard”. When I arrived at his daycare, I noticed the classroom was a great deal warmer than our house, and realized he had a thick long-sleeved shirt with no thinner layer underneath.

Something I’ve noticed is Luke’s sensitivity to heat and cold. Picking him up with cold hands can make him cry, as can wearing too many layers. It seems like he cries for no reason, but he’s almost instantly better upon stripping him down. In fact, today his fever was gone 10 minutes after stripping him down to his diaper.

4 thoughts on “An urgent non-emergency

  1. Matt,
    Yes, you will find that what may seem a comfortable temperature to you or you wife, may not be the case for Luke. Reagan cannot be outside in the summer if the temperature outside in the 80’s, he just drips in sweat. I can handle 80’s here in Ohio, even though it is humid. I have found that Reagan cannot be in a swimming pool (even if it is heated) for more than a few hours, his lips turn blue. He hates snow on his shoes, or hands (sensory issues). We very rarely play in the snow with Reagan in the winter. Personally, …I love the snow. It is just different for him. He is number five for me, so see the differences more clearly I suppose.

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