Appreciating Blessings

Every time I go to Texas to visit my family, my dad always takes the whole family out to eat.  We enjoy great food and company together.  When dinner is over my dad shows his unwavering generosity and handles the check for all present.  This is the way it has been for years.  I am in no means complaining…it’s wonderful!  But I have found myself expecting it now…even though my dad has NO obligation to pay for me.  He owes me nothing.  I had this revelation at Kelly’s restaurant that I often expect God to do certain things.  If I have an attitude that I am entitled to certain things from God it is easy to grow ungrateful for those things I do have and angry or bitter if there is something I feel I should have but don’t.

When I got married I expected to have children.  After years of trying, I had to fight off feelings of anger and bitterness.  I think we all expect some things from God: that our spouse will grow old with us, that our children are born healthy, that our children will outlive us, etc.  When these things don’t work as WE see fit, feelings of resentment or disappointment towards God creep into our minds and hearts.  This kind of attitude can completely diminish the whole concept of blessings.

In considering humanity’s fallen, imperfect, sinful nature I realized I/we deserve NOTHING from God.  Everything that He designates as a gift to us is just that…a gift, a blessing.  Blessings are underserved.  Our lives, health, children, employment, etc. are all blessings given by God to be used for HIS purposes.  Yes, these things are fleeting and sometimes we lose them after just a short time, but when suffering loss let’s be thankful for the time we were blessed with those things.

I am so thankful to my dad for all the wonderful family dinner dates. I pray I never take his generosity for granted.  The same prayer also goes to my Lord.  May I never take God’s blessings for granted and always be thankful for everything He has given me.

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About Mikki

I am first and foremost a beloved daughter of God! I am a wife, mother of three, Catholic high school theology teacher, and lover of all things dealing with coffee! I'm just trying my best to satisfy the thirst of our Lord by loving Him the best I can.

4 thoughts on “Appreciating Blessings

  1. Thank you my Mikki I needed to be reminded of appreciating my blessings. God has blessed me more than I deserve and I need to thank him for all these blessings and appreciate them with all my heart. Your Dad is the perfect example of good man who loves his family!!

  2. Thanks Mikki for all your enlightening posts. Posts that really make you think and put everything into perspective. God has truly given you and Matt both a gift of teaching.

  3. Mikki, Thanks for taking time to write…even though we are in town and get to be with you all often, it is such a BLESSING to be able to hear about the day to day things in your lives. You are really a BLESSING to Joe & I. We love you!

  4. yes we need to thank God for “every thing”. Even the storms of life that make us grow stronger and depend on him more. I don’t take even a grain of sand for granite. He has made it all and we have to remember to not worship his creation more than him.

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