Houston: or there and back again

A couple of weeks ago, the fam traveled to Houston for two funerals.  During our trip, we accepted an invitation to eat lunch with cousins.  In case you haven’t noticed, Luke’s been off his oxygen since New Years Eve.  Our doc suggested it, and we gradually convinced ourselves to give it a shot.  Since removing his nasal cannula, Luke has blossomed.  He’s moving better, sitting unassisted for long periods of time, has more energy, is more cheerful (if that’s even possible), and seems to have realized that he’s not tied down or hindered by a tether.  He acts as if he’s just one of the gang.

God be praised!

I just know I’m going to butcher their names.

Kooper, Taylor, Luke, Karson


3 thoughts on “Houston: or there and back again

  1. He is one of the gang!!! Can’t believe how far he has come!!! Love them kids!!! Look at Mary with her tongue hanging out!!

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