Sense of humor

I know Mary is still a little young but she understands the concept of having to go potty so I have been trying to encourage potty training.

Here is a common conversation between us:

Mary:  “go pee pee.”

Me:  “You gotta go pee pee?”

Mary: “Yep! Go pee pee!”

So we make a mad dash to the toilet, and then she’ll just sit there.  She won’t let it go.  I can tell that she is trying to hold it once she’s on the pot.  This has been going on for some time now.   Well…last night she is sitting..and sitting…and sitting, when suddenly, after a few short grunts, she did #2 in the potty! Matt and I went crazy!  We celebrated like we had won the powerball lottery.  I yelled at Matt to go get her a treat.  He comes back with a fortune cookie.  And no kidding, this is what it said, “on attachment: the tighter you squeeze, the less you have.” We just thought it was too funny!



It’s been quite sometime since my last post.  Life has been crazy but in a beautiful kind of way!  We have been getting Luke lined up with all his specialists and therapies, Matt is settling into his new job (which is going really well) and Mary..well…her little personality is exploding more and more everyday!  In all the chaos, God has blessed me with tremendous peace at this time.  Don’t get me wrong, my body is EXHAUSTED but my soul is in a good place!  I have been spending more time in prayer so I’m sure my greater sense of peace is a direct result of that.

A few updates:  Mary has developed a taste for tea…but not just any tea, chamomile tea.  She’s also addicted to Curious George.  So here is how a few conversations between us go:

Mary: “I want tea. I want tea. I want tea!”

Mommy: “Mary, do you want tea?

Mary: “YEP!”


Mary: “I watch..yes?!  I watch…yes?!”

Mommy: “Do you want to watch?”

Mary: “YEP!!”  as she screams with excitement while pointing to the TV.

She’s pretty determined so if she doesn’t get her way, then you can bet a little protest will soon follow.

Luke is doing so well.  He is slowly getting better at drinking more from his bottle.  It’s amazing to me how strong his little abs are getting.  He can clap his hands all by himself and a few days ago Matt was teaching him how to dance.  I can’t think of anything more endearing than watching my husband dance with our children!

God has blessed us so much and I am humbled by His continued generosity.  My advice to anyone out there who is restless about anything…pray more than you ever have before.  Peace will be yours the more you open your heart to God through prayer.