Swallow Study

Last week Luke went to have a swallow study done.  It is quite fascinating.  They add barium to his food and then using a series of radiation pictures,  they observe how he swallows and where the food goes.  We found out that Luke aspirates on everything.  Every sip of milk or bite of baby food a small amount enters his wind pipe instead of going down his esophagus.  The therapist called it flash penetration and aspiration.  So we are in the process of figuring what we have to do in regards to his food and continued oral skills.  If there is any PWS family out there who has had similar issues, we’d love to hear from you.  Other than that, Luke is doing so well.  He has the brightest sparkling eyes and big smile.  We’ve had people tell us he’s too pretty to be a boy!  Matt said the other day he was laying down in his crib and then when he checked on him again, he was sitting up!  Way to go, Luke. 


2 thoughts on “Swallow Study

  1. We will pray that his swallowing gets better he is such an inspiration to us! He is so precious & wonderful. Way to go Luke on sitting up PoPo & MoMo are so proudl of you and every accomplishment you make. Love & kisses.

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