Some videos and pics from Luke’s birthday!

Luke can only eat things that are pureed or thickened liguids. I had difficulty finding out what to for his Birthday “cake.” I didn’t want to make a cake that everyone else could eat but him. So I began asking around online to other PWS families and got some great suggestions. I mixed cool whip and yogurt and froze it in a little round container to resemble a small bday cake. Since it was frozen he could pick it up or suck on it without getting too much in his mouth making it difficult to swallow but he was able to get enough on his hands and mouth to make it fun and tasty!

The day before I wanted to do something for his actual birthday so we went down the road to our local snow cone shop and got a strawberry one to share. I think the cold of the ice along with the tart taste of the strawberry surprised Luke as evidence of his reaction:

Below are a few more pictures from our bday celebration with our little man:

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Happy Birthday, Luke!

I can’t believe it…my little man turned 2 on Friday! Everyone always told me the time would go by so fast but I didn’t really understand how true that was until I got my children. I remember when I first saw Luke’s picture come across my facebook page. He needed a forever family. I do not know what it’s like to find out you’re pregnant but the instant joy I felt upon seeing his precious face I felt as though I was pregnant. Deep down I knew he was meant to be my son. I was expecting! I couldn’t even imagine the emotions that would wash over my soul the first time I got to hold him. I cannot help but thank (with the utmost gratitude) all those who had a part in Luke’s life before we met him. The love that surrounded him was evident in his happy demeanor. I am also forever grateful to all our family and friends who have shown support throughout our adoption process.

To celebrate his first birthday in our family we had a bubble themed party. Bubbles were blowing outside and the kiddie pools were filled with water. The kids played so well together. They had a great time and the adults got to sit and visit and watch the little ones run around. For me it was a perfect way to spend Luke’s bday! Pictures are on their way soon!