November: National Adoption Awareness Month

Each year, November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month. While all adoption-related issues are important, the particular focus of this month is the adoption of children currently in foster care. I will try to post ideas throughout this whole month of how to participate. Below are few ways to get started:

For adoptive families:

– You can start an adoption blog.

– Re-tell your child his/her adoption story

For other families:

– You can search for adoption blogs (hopefully ones that do a better job updating than myself!) to read more stories of lives blessed through adoption.

– Talk to your children or family members about what adoption is. There are many misconceptions about adopted children, birth parents, adoptive parents, the adoption process, etc. Become educated so you can teach others the GIFT of adoption.

Every day I will lift up this prayer for all who come across this blog:

Dear Lord, we know all life is a gift from you. Help us to remain open to how you want us to demonstrate your love to those individuals in need of forever families. Our lives are not meant to be lived for our convenience and enjoyment but for Your glory and honor. If You are calling us to serve You as foster/adoptive parents, help us to be open to responding with your grace to this divine calling. Amen.

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About Mikki

I am first and foremost a beloved daughter of God! I am a wife, mother of three, Catholic high school theology teacher, and lover of all things dealing with coffee! I'm just trying my best to satisfy the thirst of our Lord by loving Him the best I can.

1 thought on “November: National Adoption Awareness Month

  1. Amen!!! We love our Mary & Luke more than we can express. What blessings to our family. They were meant to be our grandbabies!!! Thank you God for bringing them into our lives and for Matt & Mikki being their forever parents!!

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