Friday Video Frenzy!

We took several videos of Mary and Luke in the past few days.  Here they are for your pleasure.

Mary and Luke take a bath

Cooking with Mary and Momma

Luke wiggles his nose

Luke stands.  (Luke is a 15 month old with Prader-Willi Syndrome (upd) which means he has very low muscle tone.  A normal 15 month old walks by this age, but Luke’s condition makes him unable to even crawl at this age.  Standing is a big deal.)


Back, finally!

Anyone who says “parenting is boring” is obviously doing it wrong.

To recap, Luke had an emergency room visit due to a high fever and aggravated cold.  We wanted to rule out pneumonia.  Doc said no pneumonia or flu, just a little bronchitis and an ear infection.  Prescribed z-max.

We planned to leave Monday to return home, but Mikki had a “severe” sinus headache and went to the urgent care facility to get her head checked, causing us to stay an extra night.  Tuesday, after we left for home, Mikki and I decided it would be good for me, Mary, and Luke to go to the urgent care after our return to check on our various colds/coughs.  At the doc’s office, we discovered Luke had a case of aspiration pneumonia created when he aspirated after vomiting as a side effect to his antibiotic for treating bronchitis and ear infection.  Great.  Antibiotics failed to clear up his ear infection and caused him to catch pneumonia.  Merry freakin’ Christmas.  Anyway, Luke got a shot and some antibiotics, then we followed up the next day with his pediatrician who gave him another shot and told us to continue Luke’s antibiotics.  He’s been much better.  Hasn’t had a fever at all, coughing has greatly decreased, no more wheezing.  Thank God we didn’t need a hospital stay.

In addition, the doctor diagnosed Mary with an ear infection and bronchitis, and me with bronchitis as well.  Today we’re all on antibiotics, feel better, and show almost no sign of sickness.  The video below is Mary 30 minutes after returning from the doctor with an ear infection.

She gave us no indication that her ears hurt.

Anyway, we had a great time with the family.  Karson (5, PWS UPD) finally got to hold Luke, and all members of the family fell in love with Luke.  Enjoy the pics.

  • Karson’s Mom, Mandy, with Luke

Luke and Karson (both PWS UPD)

We drove around town looking at Christmas lights. At one point, someone noticed Mary and Luke holding hands. The sweetness of my children!


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Sometimes she just needs a hug

Last night, my sweet daughter was restless for two hours, my wife taking the brunt of the sleeplessness. I finally awoke and my wife informed me of long brouhaha, and I rolled out of bed to try my hand at calming my little princess.

It took three attempts, but what finally worked was this: I scooped her up held her tight against my chest, her arms around my neck, and there we stood for a couple of minutes. My sweet girl was lonely. She leaned toward the bed, signaling the end of her hug.  I put her in her bad where she slept peacefully the rest of the night.

Sometimes she just needs a hug.

Home Sweet Home!

After two and a half long weeks, Mikki and Luke returned home to stay. Instead of driving and meeting halfway, then driving all the way back, Mikki, Luke, and I stayed overnight at the luxurious Memphis Downtown Marriott.  Then today we finished the drive and arrived home at 3pm.

Mary stayed overnight with my parents, and they arrived at our house shortly after we did.  Mary didn’t know how to process her emotions.  Her face kinda scrunched and she looked conflicted, but she clung/clinged/clang to Mikki for several minutes.

Mary acted jealously toward Luke, and even got a little rough with him.  She showed a little affection, but her emotional state overwhelmed her, and she wasn’t able to control herself.

So, a couple of hours after arriving home, we donned our “stupid caps” and decided to venture out to Lowes for a little storage crate and rug shopping.  Both kids were exhausted, cranky, and generally sick of everyone, which made the trip fun with a capital…

Anyway, I am the official last man standing for the night, and now I must go.

Good night and thanks for the prayers.  Maybe we’ll take pictures soon.

No other way to put it

UPDATE: The overlooked documentation would make no difference in Mikki’s departure time.  The issue delaying their return lies with the fact that the state office didn’t get to our adoption paperwork until Monday.  The paperwork must be sent from Luke’s home state to our home state, and approved by our home state, which we hope will be done tomorrow for a return home Friday.

It seems a little piece of documentation was overlooked, so Mikki and Luke will spend their Thanksgiving away from home.

Please pray that the state office here will receive the paperwork first thing tomorrow morning and will process it immediately so Mikki and Luke can return home Friday.  If the state office here does not process the paperwork until after the holiday, then the soonest Mikki and Luke could leave is next Tuesday, making Mikki’s total trip duration 19 days.

Well timed email quote of the day:
“Every moment of every man’s life is precious in God’s sight, and none must be wasted through doubt and discouragement.”
     –Father Walter J. Ciszek

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