One Big Step!

So my friend is over visiting and was feeding Luke… when he totally started holding his own bottle!  Let’s celebrate!


Houston: or there and back again

A couple of weeks ago, the fam traveled to Houston for two funerals.  During our trip, we accepted an invitation to eat lunch with cousins.  In case you haven’t noticed, Luke’s been off his oxygen since New Years Eve.  Our doc suggested it, and we gradually convinced ourselves to give it a shot.  Since removing his nasal cannula, Luke has blossomed.  He’s moving better, sitting unassisted for long periods of time, has more energy, is more cheerful (if that’s even possible), and seems to have realized that he’s not tied down or hindered by a tether.  He acts as if he’s just one of the gang.

God be praised!

I just know I’m going to butcher their names.

Kooper, Taylor, Luke, Karson


Scheduling Madness!!

Going back to work really hasn’t been as stressful as I thought.  Don’t get me wrong…it’s exhausting and crazy busy, but I haven’t pulled my hair out yet!

What I find somewhat stressful is keeping up with all the doctors’ appointments and therapist visits on top of planning and grading school work, caring for 2 kids under 2, cooking dinner,cleaning out clothes that don’t fit Mary since she’s growing SO incredibly fast, trying to maintain some level of cleanliness in the home and hopefully finding time to spend with my husband.  All of this while adjusting to Matt’s new work schedule.  I’m learning the value of planning and organization.

This weekend I made a weekly meal plan and we went shopping for all the ingredients.  As a result, right now I am enjoying time outside with the kids since dinner is in the crock pot waiting to be eaten!  I made a breakfast casserole last night that will hopefully save time in the mornings…just pop it in the microwave.  I no longer have to decide what’s for dinner…it’s great!

I have a long way to go before I feel like I’ve got it together but this is the most organized I’ve ever been…baby steps!

Luke has had 2 appointments with our urologist.  Hopefully we can have his little surgery to drop his testicles during my spring break or in the early summer.  Today as he was getting a little ultrasound, Luke was laughing and talking to the tech.  Almost 2 hours at the hospital, he was as cheerful as could be.  EVERYBODY commented on how sweet and cute he is!  I even had a chance to educate the ultrasound tech on PWS.  I talked to another woman in the urologist waiting room about adopting both Luke and Mary.  Its amazing the opportunities I’ve had to share our story…what a blessing!

In the next 2 weeks we have – shot injection at urology, appointment at GI, first meeting with our new Early Steps therapist and follow-up appoint for Mary (she is recovering from pneumonia)  I just hope I don’t miss one!!! If I can just stay on track with my new and improved life of quasi organization, I’ll be golden!

Appreciating Blessings

Every time I go to Texas to visit my family, my dad always takes the whole family out to eat.  We enjoy great food and company together.  When dinner is over my dad shows his unwavering generosity and handles the check for all present.  This is the way it has been for years.  I am in no means complaining…it’s wonderful!  But I have found myself expecting it now…even though my dad has NO obligation to pay for me.  He owes me nothing.  I had this revelation at Kelly’s restaurant that I often expect God to do certain things.  If I have an attitude that I am entitled to certain things from God it is easy to grow ungrateful for those things I do have and angry or bitter if there is something I feel I should have but don’t.

When I got married I expected to have children.  After years of trying, I had to fight off feelings of anger and bitterness.  I think we all expect some things from God: that our spouse will grow old with us, that our children are born healthy, that our children will outlive us, etc.  When these things don’t work as WE see fit, feelings of resentment or disappointment towards God creep into our minds and hearts.  This kind of attitude can completely diminish the whole concept of blessings.

In considering humanity’s fallen, imperfect, sinful nature I realized I/we deserve NOTHING from God.  Everything that He designates as a gift to us is just that…a gift, a blessing.  Blessings are underserved.  Our lives, health, children, employment, etc. are all blessings given by God to be used for HIS purposes.  Yes, these things are fleeting and sometimes we lose them after just a short time, but when suffering loss let’s be thankful for the time we were blessed with those things.

I am so thankful to my dad for all the wonderful family dinner dates. I pray I never take his generosity for granted.  The same prayer also goes to my Lord.  May I never take God’s blessings for granted and always be thankful for everything He has given me.


Yesterday, as I played with my kiddos, I picked up Luke and brought him to the table, while Mary continued playing in the den. Luke immediately began to cry. ???

I lay him back in his spot on the rug and walked away. Luke stopped crying. Mary followed me back to the kitchen and again Luke began to cry.

Later last night, Mary and Luke took a bath together. When I whisked Mary from the tub to her towel, Luke began to cry.

It does my heart good to see that my children love being around each other and hate being separated.

An urgent non-emergency

Luke’s daycare called just after lunch. It seems the little guy had a 100.3 fever and was crying “hard”. When I arrived at his daycare, I noticed the classroom was a great deal warmer than our house, and realized he had a thick long-sleeved shirt with no thinner layer underneath.

Something I’ve noticed is Luke’s sensitivity to heat and cold. Picking him up with cold hands can make him cry, as can wearing too many layers. It seems like he cries for no reason, but he’s almost instantly better upon stripping him down. In fact, today his fever was gone 10 minutes after stripping him down to his diaper.

New blog

Hi fans. I just wanted to let you know about another blog for which I write. It’s called Truth and Charity, and focuses on God, virtue, life decisions, all with a Catholic light.

You can visit us at and find us on Twitter @TruthAndCharity.

Don’t worry. A Concrete Way of Love isn’t going anywhere. You’ll have just as many updates as ever.